A riparian paradox

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Presented at the 13th International RiverSymposium, Perth, Australia. 11-14 October 2010. http://archive.riversymposium.com/index.php?element=Thur_s1_A1_David+Weaver.pdf


riparian management, phosphorus, soluble, leaching, subsurface flow, sediment


Much P is transported transported in soluble soluble form in these catchments in leachate and runoff • In sandy catchments catchments dominated dominated by subsurface subsurface flow, riparian management may help to reduce sediment but not P • These assumptions are not satisfied: – Surface runoff dominated – Nutrients in particulate form – Implemented where water quality benefits accrue – No undesirable undesirable consequences consequences – retains retains soluble soluble P • Water quality measurements are not necessarily an indicator of nutrient nutrient loss processes processes • Management must focus in the paddock