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Cereal rust diseases, deployed resistance, Australian Cereal Rust Control Program (ACRCP), Strip rust, green bridge, fungicides, oaten hay, economics, nutrition, weed control, variety, herbicides, double knock, resistance status, forecasting, rainfall, weather, outlook, no-till, phosphorus, copper, zinc, deficiency, nitrogen, grain yields, wheat, quality, cereal aphids, virus spread, turnip aphid, cabbage aphid, insecticides, canola, Lucerne, overcropping, soil water, pasture-crop rotations, field peas, semi-leafless, trailing, soil type, length of rotation, annual legume pastures, seed reserves, malting barley, wheat variety performance, noodle wheats, renovating paddocks


This session covers sixteen papers from different authors

  1. Breeding Cereals for Rust Resistance – are we losing the battle? Robert F. Park, University of Sydney

  2. Stripe rust – where to now for the WA wheat industry? Robert Loughman, Department of Agriculture, Colin Wellings, University of Sydney, Greg Shea, Department of Agriculture

  3. Oaten hay production, Jocelyn Ball, Natasha Littlewood and Lucy Creagh, Department of Agriculture

  4. Don’t rely on ‘Spray and Pray’ Alex Douglas, Department of Agriculture

  5. Seasonal outlook: What is in store for 2003, David Stephens, Department of Agriculture

  6. No-till copper, phosphorus and zinc experiments, Ross Brennan and Mike Bolland, Department of Agriculture

  7. Wheat nutrition in the high rainfall zone, Narelle Hill, Department of Agriculture

  8. Aphid damage to cereal grain crops, Phil Michael, Department of Agriculture

  9. Aphid damage to canola – not all cultivars are equal, Francoise A. Berlandier and Christiaan Valentine, Department of Agriculture

  10. Overcropping Lucerne, Roy Latta, Department of Agriculture

  11. Future direction of field pea varieties, M. Rodger Beermier, Department of Agriculture

  12. Selecting the right pasture for the job, Keith Devenish, Department of Agriculture

  13. Topping up pasture seedbanks, Keith Devenish, Department of Agriculture

  14. Baudin and Hamlin New generation of malting barleys, Blakely Paynter, Roslyn Jettner and Kevin Young, Department of Agriculture

  15. Wheat variety performance in 2002 compared to the long term, Robin Wilson, Ian Barclay Robyn McLean, Robert Loughman, Jenny Garlinge, Bill Lambe, Neil Venn and Peter Clarke, Department of Agriculture

  16. The role of green manure crops in renovating poor performing paddocks: What’s it worth? Francis Hoyle, Leanne Schulz and Judith Devenish, Department of Agriculture


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