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La Nina, Sea surface temperature (SST), SOI, Forecasting, rainfall, weather, climate, outlook, ENSO (El Nina Southern Oscillation), commodity prices, outlook, salinity, wheat, titicum, physiology plant breeding, nitrogen, water, tactical, wheat yield, grain quality high rainfall cropping zone, yield, disease risk, rust, oats, dwarf milling oat, non-dwarf milling oat, Kaspa, field peas, time of sowing, blackspot, pea weevil, native budworm, Durum wheat, summer weeds, soil N, wheat emergence, wheat grain wheat protein, weed management, allelopathy, frost copper deficiency, bio-diesel, rubber, marginal land, direct seeding, nursery seedlings, salt, complementary feeding, Edinia, saltbush, perenials, direct seeding, sulphate of potash


This session covers sixteen papers from different authors

  1. 2006 SEASONAL OUTLOOK, David Stephens and Michael Meuleners, Department of Agriculture

  2. Review of climate model summaries reported in the Department of Agriculture’s growing season outlooks, Meredith Fairbanks, Department of Agriculture

  3. Farmers commodity outlook 2006, Thomas Schulz, Department of Agriculture

  4. Why is salinity such a difficult problem for plant breeders? T J Flowers, TD Colmer, University of Western Australia

  5. Matching nitrogen supply to wheat demand in 2005, Narelle Simpson, Ron McTaggart, Wal Anderson, Lionel Martin and Dave Allen, Department of Agriculture

  6. Wheat varieties in 2006, Brenda Shackley, Department of Agriculture

  7. Performance of dwarf potential milling oat varieties in Western Australian environments, Raj Malik and Kellie Winfield, Department of Agriculture

  8. Field pea lessons for 2006, Rodger Beermir, Department of Agriculture

  9. Better returns from Durum wheat, Shahahan Miyan, Department of Agriculture

  10. Summer weeds can reduce grain yield and protein, Dr. Abul Hashem, Department of Agriculture, Dr Shahab Pathan, Department of Agriculture, Vikki Osten, Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries

  11. Management of Summer Weeds, Alex Douglas, Department of Agriculture

  12. Frost or Friction, Garren Knell, Steve Curtin, Wade Longmuir, Consult Ag Pty Ltd


  1. Producing Bio-Diesel and rubber from marginal land?? Dr Henry Brockman, Department of Agriculture

  2. SGSL Producer network – on ground implementation of saltbush based pastures, Justin Hardy, Arjen Ryder, John Paul Collins and Jessica Johns, Department of Agriculture

  3. Enhancing the profitability of “Edenia” using saltbush and perenials, SGSL Producer case study, John Pepall, Jinka’s Hill LCDC

  4. Investment in saltland pastures, Allan Herbert, Department of Agriculture


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