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GM, herbicide resistance, integrated weed management, annual ryegrass, wild radish, focus paddocks, cropping systems, barley, canola, tactical N, gypsum, deep ripping, raised beds, lime, potassium, soil acidity, pH, subsurface acidity, soil sample long term, sustainability, grain yield, fertiliser investment, evidence based, belief based, science, malt, feed, disease, resistance, pathology, varieties, maturity, flowering date, Western Australia, IWM, brown manuring, herbicide resistance, seed bank management, delayed germination, weed control, knockdown, serradellas, ‘autumn cleaning’, emerging weeds, survey, dormancy seed bank, control options, glyphosate resistance, ACCase, mutations, clethodim, cut rates, flaxleaf fleabane, tall fleabane, Conyza, break crops, crop rotations, soil health, disease management


This session covers seventeen papers from different authors

  1. GM canola – How will it affect the way I farm? Murray Scholz, 2008 Nuffield scholar, Southern NSW

  2. Eight years of IWM smashes tyegrass seed banks by 98% over 31 focus paddocks, Peter Newman, Glenn Adam & Trevor Bell, Department of Agriculture and Food

  3. The global economic climate and impacts on agriculture, profile on Michael Whitehead Rabobank New York

  4. Lessons from five years of cropping systems research, W.K. Anderson, Department of Agriculture and Food

  5. Case study of a 17year old agricultural lime trial, C. Gazey, Department of Agriculture and Food, J. Andrew, Precision SoilTech and R. Pearce, ConsultAg

  6. Fertilising in a changing price environment, Bill Bowden, Wayne Pluske and Jeremy Lemon, Department of Agriculture and Food

  7. Fact or Fiction: Who is telling the truth and how to tell the difference? D.C. Edmeades, agKnowledge Ltd, Hamilton

  8. Forecast disease resistance profile for the Western Australian barley crop over the next three years, JJ Russell, Department of Agriculture and Food

  9. Malting barley varieties differ in their flowering date and their response to change in sowing date, BH Paynter and JJ Russell, Department of Agriculture and Food

  10. Decimating weed seed banks within non-crop phases for the benefit of subsequent crops, Dr Davis Ferris, Department of Agriculture and Food

  11. Autumn cleaning yellow serradella pastures with broad spectrum herbicides – a novel weed control strategy that exploits delayed germination, Dr Davis Ferris, Department of Agriculture and Food

  12. Emerging weeds in changing farming systems, Dr Abul Hashen, Department of Agriculture and Food

  13. More glyphosate-resistant annual ryegrass populations within Western Australia, Dr Abul Hashem and Dr Catherine Borger, Department of Agriculture and Food

  14. Reasons to use only the full label herbicide rate, Stephen B. Powels, Qin Yu, Mechelle Owen, Roberto Busi, Sudheesh Manalil, University of Western Australia

  15. Flaxleaf fleabane – coming to a property near you! Sally Peltzer, Department of Agriculture and Food

  16. Glyphosate – the consequences of cutting rates! Sally Peltzer and David Minkey, Department of Agriculture and Food

  17. Benefits of crop rotations/break crops in managing soil moisture, soil health, weeds and disease – an overview, Raj Malik, Department of Agriculture and Food


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