Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

The Bureau of Agriculture was established in 1894. In 1898 the activities of the Bureau were placed under the control of the Minister for Lands and named the Department of Agriculture. The Bureau of Agriculture then became the Department of Agriculture in April 1898. The Department of Agriculture was renamed the Department of Agriculture and Food, WA (DAFWA) in April 2006.

The journal was published in four series, Series 1 commencing in 1899. This is the third series, 1952 - 1955. Publication of the Journal of Agriculture has now ceased.

Issue: Volume 8, Number 1
January- February,1959

Front Matter



Organised drives will control foxes
J. S. Crawford and A. G. Veitch


Dry-pickling seed wheat
W. P. Cass Smith


Some recent rural radio talks
T. Watchel, H. G. Cariss, P. Beck, R. H. Morris, K. Needham, J. P. Fallon, H. G. Elliot, J. Cripps, P. N. Forte, H. Maslin, D. C. Mickle, A. H. Hobbs, and G. W. Scott

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Editor: J.A. Mallett

Cover picture: Melaleuca scabra, sometimes known as "Warru" bush" Is an attractive shrub which grows to about 3ft. in height and bears a profusion of pinkish-purple flowers. It is a member of the tea-tree family and is found in gravelly and sandy soils from Watheroo in the north, eastward as far as Merredin and southward to Israelite Bay.