Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

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Wheat crop competitions


Western Australia, Wheat crop, Wheat crop competitions, Flour Millowners' Association

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For many years prior to the last war, 50-acre crop competitions were sponsored and conducted by the Royal Agricultural Society and judged by officers of the Department of Agriculture. These competitions always proved successful and without doubt contributed in no small way to the development of the cereal-growing areas, particularly as far as wheat farming is concerned. The conducting of these crop competitions lapsed during the war but, in 1946 a new series, sponsored by the W.A. Flour Millowners' Association, was inaugurated and conducted under the auspices of the Royal Agricultural Society with the field judging again being carried out by departmental officers. The whole of the prize money amounting to £495 annually is being donated by the W.A. Millowners' Association.