Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Western Australia, Wedge-leaved rattlepod, Crotalaria retusa L., Poison plant, Tropical poison plants, Walkabout disease, Kimberley horse disease

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During the last two years, work has been in progress near Fitzroy Crossing (West Kimberley) upon an investigation to determine the cause of Kimber- Iey Horse Disease, commonly known as "Walkabout Disease." The investigations are still in progress, and the findings when completed, will be published elsewhere, but the discovery that Crotalaria retusa L. is a cause—and probably the major cause —of this disease is of considerable importance. Because of this it is considered advisable to assist pastoralists to recognise the plant and by providing information on its habit, occurrence and distribution, to enable them to take steps to minimise losses during the coming season.

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