Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

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Tree lucerne


Western Australia, Tree lucerne, Fodder, Tree Fodder, Poultry fodder, Cystisus prolifera

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Perhaps the greatest need in our agricultural areas is for a hardy legume which year after year will provide palatable green fodder during the late summer months. In the white-flowered Tree Lucerne (Cystisus prolifer) such a legume is available. Surprisingly enough, this hardy perennial shrub has never been exploited. Tree Lucerne is so hardy that self-seeded thickets can be seen growing on virgin land in the Darling Ranges and I have seen seedlings in the streets of Corrigin healthy and robust after six months without rain. The foliage is so palatable that cattle and horses will break down quite large trees and consume stems thick enough to be called limbs.

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