Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

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Seasonal reminders



Western Australia, Seasonal reminders, Reminders, Tobacco growing, Wheatbelt, Orchards, Poultry

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Tobacco Growing

In experiments which have been conducted for nine years at the Research Station, it has been found that, on light sandy loam soil, a lupin cover crop produces tobacco of the best quality during the following season. This applies especially to new land and the apparent reason is that lupins, when ploughed into the soil, produce a good bulk of organic matter which creates a better texture in the soil and a better moisture holding capacity. New Zealand blue lupins are recommended and it is advisable to inoculate seed before sowing, especially on new land. Application of fertiliser is 1 cwt. to the acre and seed should be sown at the rate of two bushels to the acre.

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