Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Western Australia, Trees of Western Australia, Forrest's mallee

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No. 21—Forrest's Mallee (Eucalyptus Forrestiana Diels)

This attractive shrub or small tree is one of the most widely-cultivated of all the smaller Western Australian species. Known by many as the "Fuchsia mallee" or "Mallee fuchsia," it has found a place in many public and private gardens, and is at once attractive and conspicuous by reason of its pendulous brilliantly scarlet flower buds and young fruits, the latter fading to a pale chestnut brown at maturity. It was named by the renowned German botanist Ludwig Diels in honour of Lord Forrest, who in 1900, when Premier and Treasurer of Western Australia, afforded Diels and his companion, Dr. Pritzel, many facilities for travel in their extensive botanical explorations in South Western Australia.