Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Western Australia, Dingo, Wild dog, Dingo destruction, Wild dog destruction, Vermin, Vermin Control

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The history of aerial baiting against wild dogs in this State dates back to July, 1946 when an experimental aerial baiting scheme was conducted by the Meekatharra Vermin Board in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture using an aeroplane supplied by Airlines (W.A.) Ltd. The operations lasted for three days and covered portions of the Meekatharra Vermin District in the inland of the North-West of Western Australia. A Department of Agriculture dogger travelled on the aeroplane to direct and assist. He had visited the areas on which baits were dropped before the baiting flight and travelled through them again after the baiting. He found only one carcass, but reported the tracks of dogs were much fewer than before the baiting.