Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


G. R. W. Meadly


Western Australia, Euphorbia terracina L., Weeds, Poisonous plants.

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A number of species of Euphorbia, both native and introduced, occur as weeds in Western Australia. E. Drummondii, known as milk-weed, or mat balsam is a prostrate herb found naturally over an extensive inland area, but being most prevalent in the districts between Carnamah and Northampton. This plant is cyanogenetic as is also another native species, E. boophthona, often referred to as Gascoyne poison or tree balsam. The latter has been responsible for heavy losses of stock on Northwest stock routes. The toxicity of the genus has been dealt with fully by C. A. Gardner and H. W. Bennetts (The Toxic Species of the Genus Euphorbia - Journal of Agriculture of Western Australia, Vol. 2—July-August, 1953).