Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

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Farm and home


Brenda Cleeve


Dressmaking, Clothing, Cooking, Potatoes, Crafts.

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Attaching zip fasteners -

Zip fasteners have now almost replaced all other types of fastener for plackets. Li Not only are they easier and quicker to attach but they give a neater result with less effort.

Snacks with potatoes -

Jacket-baked potatoes can form the basis of tasty meals without a meat dish. They lend themselves to many combinations of flavours to tempt the appetite on numerous occasions.

A new idea for a knitting or embroidery bag -

An apron-bag combination is a new idea for the ardent knitter or needlewoman and can save the time usually wasted in searching for lost scissors or retrieving wandering balls of wool.