Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Eucalyptus grossa, Eucalyptus desmondensis, Eucalyptus falcata, Eucalyptus goniantha, Eucalyptus decipens, Eucalyptus corrugata, Eucalyptus le souefii, Eucalyptus stricklandii, Western Australia

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THIS mallee is unmistakable by reason of its peculiar habit and thick roughbarked stem and branches, both of which have longitudinally-fissured persistent bark right up to the distinctly reddish branchlets.

The leaves are broad and thick, a bright shining green in colour, with the mid-ribs usually a purplish-red. The heads of flowers are on thick red round-in-section foot-stalks which hang almost vertically, and the reddish bud-cap conceals the ultimately free, bright yellow filaments.

The widely-spreading thick branches, and in general the rough stout appearance of the shrub inspired the name "grossa" from the Latin grossus meaning thick.