Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


D G. Wilcox


Marginal land, Vegetation, Nutritive value, Land clearance, Economic analysis, Arid regions, Western Australia

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THE mulga pastoral zone is so named since most of its area is dominated by Mulga (Acacia aneura).

The mulga is found associated with shrubs and grasses in almost all plant habitats. In its various forms it can associate with spinifex (Triodia basedowi), Wandarrie Grasses (Danthonia, Eragostis and Eriachne spp.) and with low shrubs on flood plains, hills and breakaways. It may even attempt to become established in salty communities, though this is never completely successful.

The scene the area offers from its low hills is one of a succession of low undulations, occasionally scarred by creeks or breakaways and completely dominated by the dull green or blue grey overmantle of the mulga tree.


In 'Studies in theMulga Pastoral Zone' (Pages 581 to 586) the first line in Table I should read 137.0 not 13.7