Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4

Volume 15, Number 2
June, 1974

Front Matter


Department of Agriculture, Western Australia



Wheat breeding
J T. Reeves


New ridge seeder/mulcher for planting on salt affected soils
Department of Agriculture, Western Australia


Madden : a new rust resistant wheat variety
Department of Agriculture, Western Australia

Editor: E.H. Lawson
Design: K.L. Mack

Cover: Cross pollinating two wheat varities in a Department of Agriculture wheat breeding project. The spikilets of the female parent are trimmed and the immature anthers (male reporductive organs) are removed prevent self fertilisation. Ripe anthers are removed from the male parent ro provide the pollen in the cross. After crossing, the head of the female parent is bagged to avoid natural cross pollination. The final picture shows the developing head of grain a month after the operation.


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