Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4

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Cross-pollination between narrow-leafed lupin varieties


B J. Quinlivan


Lupinus angustifolius, Cross pollination

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The new low alkaloid white sweetseeded varieties of narrow-leafed lupin Uniwhite, Uniharvest and Unicrcp now form the basis of a significant industry in Western Australia.

The bitter-seeded blue-flowered New Zealand blue variety has been grcwn mainly in the South-West for many years, where it is used for sheep feed and as a green manure crop.

Recently the non-shedding bitter blue-flowered variety Fest was released. It is hoped that this variety will open up a substantial seed export market to Europe, where seed lupins for green manure are in strong demand.

When five varieties of the one species are being grown, cross pollination is always a possibility, so experiments were undertaken to determine the extent of the possible problem and define isolation distances.


Found in previous article. Development of a selective bait for rabbits A J. Oliver Vol 15 No 2 Page No 54

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