Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Pigs, Feeds, Mineral supplements, Feed additives

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Seed of lupin varieties now available can be combined with wheat or barley to produce a balanced diet for growing/finishing pigs, and lupin seed has become a popular ingredient of pig rations.

As a protein concentrate, lupin seed is a satisfactory alternative to meatmeal, provided adequate amounts of calcium and phosphorus are added as supplements. Without the addition of these elements to rations of lupin seed and grain, a number of problems are likely to arise.

Trials at the Medina Pig Research Station have shown that Christmas Island rock phosphate is the cheapest and most convenient source of supplementary calcium and phosphorus for lupin seed rations.

Although rock phosphate had previously been used in pig rations at Medina, it had not been compared with other calcium/phosphorus supplements at the high levels needed in lupin seed rations.

A trial has now been completed comparing three alternative sources.