Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Trifolium subterraneum, Varieties, Western Australia

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From small beginnings some 50 or more years ago subterranean clover has come to dominate the pasture scene in Western Australia. Of the 7 000 000 hectares of sown pasture all but some 500 000 are sown to subterranean clover. Further, it is estimated that there remains an area of similar size still to be sown, although in some instances these future sowings will be possible only if suitable varieties are available.

Clearing and pasture development within the various agricultural regions of the State took place, as a rule, within quite clearly defined time intervals and the varieties selected for sowing were those thought to suit the soil and rainfall patterns and generally to be the best on the information available at the time. Thus history and climate have combined to produce the current situation