Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Noctuidae, Persectania, Mythimna, Insect pests, Insect control, Insecticides, Western Australia

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Armyworms are periodically responsible for serious cereal crop damage in Australia, often causing up to 80 per cent crop loss.

Amajor outbreak at Esperance in 1975 resulted in some 14,200 ha requiring treatment.

This was the first serious outbreak of armyworm for nine years in Western Australia.

A major new problem in the control of armyworm outbreaks is that use of DDT has been restricted by residue and withholding period problems, especially with a crop such as barley in which the grain is unprotected by glumes.

The trial results suggest that trichlorfon is a suitable material to eradicate armyworms and that timing of the applications will be of paramount importance.