Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


W H J Clarke


Wild goats, Fleece, Characteristics, Faure Island (W.A.), Western Australia

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For just on a century there has existed on Faure Island, off the mid Western Australian coast, a herd of white feral goats.

The fleece of these animals, while similar in appearance to Angora mohair, has characteristics which somewhat resemble the luxury fibre cashmere, in that it comprises a fine dense undercoat, which sheds in early spring, as well as the hairy outcoat typical of all goat breeds except the Angora.

As there is little, if any, shedding in second or subsequent crosses, it would appear that the mating of Faure Island feral goats with traditional Angoras (or off-spring of such a union) has resulted in progeny which, even as adults, grow fleeces of kid mohair quality by the second generation.