Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4

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Fencing with electricity


T E P Buxton


Electric fences

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Over the years electric fencing has been limited to 6 to 10 km lengths and used for temporary fencing, strip grazing, or feeding-off silage. Today however, energisers can power up to 100 km of single wire or 50 km multi-wire electric fences, and are suited equally to strip grazing or permanent fencing.

The new energisers, or controllers as they are sometimes called, have introduced a way of controlling livestock that is efficient and considerably cheaper and easier to maintain than conventional fencing. There is better stock control, particularly with cattle; with sheep it is also effective but some education is necessary.

Farm efficiency can be improved and labour reduced with the use of electric fencing. It will reduce costs in fodder conservation programmes and provide economic fencing for soil conservation, such as fencing of saltland areas.

Electric gates will improve stock and machinery access.

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