Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


G A. Robertson


Salinity, Soil conservation, China

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China has vast areas of saline land, perhaps as much as six million hectares. Some of this saline land is a result of marine influence in coastal areas and some is the resultof soil formation in areas with saline geological deposits and inadequate rainfall to leach out the salts at that time.

However, most saline soils in China are as a result of secondary salinisation processess induced by a hydrological imbalance resulting from over-clearing of the land or irrigation. This imbalance has produced rising watertables bringing the salt closer to the soil surface.

In this article, G..A. Robertson, Commissioner of Soil Conservation, looks at aspects of salinity control in northern China which are aimed at a co-ordinated approach to reducing the level of the watertable.