Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


L K. Lenane


Drainage, Soil conservation, Mogumber region (W.A.), Western Australia

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The loss of arable farmland from soil erosion, waterlogging and salinity is a severe problem on some Western Australian farms.

When the arable land comprises only 40 per cent of the total area within the Mogumber Soil Conservation District, this loss is a real cause for concern. So too is the resulting damage to roads, siltation of railway culverts, and deaths of roadside trees from rising saline watertables.

However, drainage, contour and other works undertaken by the Mogumber Soil Conservation District have halted this degredation. Badly eroded areas that were fenced off now have a satisfactory ground cover. A wheat crop planted along a deep drain a year after it was built has shown few symptoms of waterlogging. Roadside trees are producing new growth.