Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


M P. Bond


Herd Improvement Service, Dairy, Artificial Breeding, Dairy herd Recording

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Since its establishment three years ago, the Herd Improvement Service has steadily expanded the range of services provided to Western Australian livestock producers. The genetic advancement and improved hers management offered by the service give farmers the ability to use modern technology in the most cost-effective way. There is an increasing realisation amongst farmers that to survive and remain competitive, it is worthwhile to invest in such technology.

The Herd Improvement Service is a statutory corporation which was formed to improve the productivity of the State's livestock enterprises. Most of the organisation's activities have been directed to servicing the dairy and beef cattle industries in the South-west. The service, which is not a part of the Depertment of Agriculture, has strong links with the Department, especially in the areas of dairy and beef extension, and veterinary services.