Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Wheat, Prices, Protein content

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In recent years there has been increasing support from within the Australian wheat industry for the principal of wheat growers recieving payment for their grain according to market value.

Individual loads are now tested for quality characteristics such as hectolitre weight, unmillable material and moisture content.

At present, technology is not sufficiently advanced to enable rapid and accurate analysis of individual loads for all important quality factors.

A more practical system of quality assessment would be one based on allowances for various basic measures (such as hectolitre weight, unmillable material and moisture content), variety (to allow for genetic differences in quality, such as grain hardness, milling quality and dough strength), and protein content. Protein content is important in determining end-uses of wheat but wheat varieties differ in thei suitability for various end uses at different levels of protein.