Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Beef cattle, Cattle breeds, Crossbreeding, Fertility, Kimberley region (W.A.), Western Australia

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The first cattle to be introduced to Western Australia's Kimberley region arrived at Ord River Station in 1884, after Nathaniel Buchanan had walked 4000 head of Shorthorn cattle overland from Queensland, on behalf of the owners, Osmond and Panton.

In the early years of the Kimberley pastoral industry the virgin pastures allowed stock numbers to increase rapidly. Little consideration was given to stock or rangeland management, or to whezther other types of cattle could be raised for improved production.

The Department of Agriculture started a comprehensive trail at Ord Regeneration Research Station (previously Ord River Station) in 1980 to evaluate the fertility, mortality and growth rate of Brahman and Africander cattle and their crosses. This article discusses some of the highlights of this eight-year trial, and the implications for the industry.

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