Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


R W. Payne


Intensive livestock farming, Phosphorus, Runoff, Water pollution, Peel Inlet (W.A.), Harvey River Estuary (W.A.), Western Australia

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The Swan coastal plain to the north and south of Perth is attractive for the intensive production of pigs and poultry for several reasons. It is close to markets, feed manufacturers and labour; has a less extreme climate than inland areas; and is underlain by a large reserve of high quality groundwater.

Because these are all intensive operations, large quantaties of nutrient-rich waste are produced over a very small area. They can severely damage ground and surface waters unless steps are taken to control the wastes which they produce.

This article oulines both the nature of intensive aniamal industries in the area and steps which are being taken to limit their impact on the environment.