Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4

Volume 32, Number 2

Front Matter


Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia



Wildlife corridors in the wheatbelt
Richard Hobbs and Denis Saunders


The Wokalup beef cattle selection experiment
Alan Lymbery, Mick Carrick, and Patrick Donnelly


The greening of Australia
Martine Scheltema


New technique joins the fight against footrot
Laurie Depiazzi, Mike Palmer, and David Pitman


Regenerating the rangelands
Adrian Williams and Ron Shepherd

Issue cover

Editor: G P Ayling

Design: L T Webb and F Roberts

Cover image: Cover picture: One of The Iron Bushrangers – acrylic painting by Michael Garwood. The picture of a 1920s Imperial tractor is one of a series on old farm machinery painted by Fremantle artist Michael Garwood. The Imperial was the first Australian-made tractor, the first EA model of 20HP being assembled in 1908. The tractor was made by A H McDonald and Co at Flinders Street, Victoria, and later at their tin shed at Hawthorn. McDonald’s operated from 1908-1958 and were famous for their quality stationary engines. Mr Garwood painted the first of the series at the suggestion of a farmer friend at Beverley. Three thousand kilometres and 28 paintings later he had a unique collection of paintings of old machines illustrating an important part of Western Australia’s farming heritage. The complete collection – titled The Iron Bushrangers – has been sold locally. Michael Garwood hopes it will stay in Western Australia, perhaps to be exhibited at charity fund-raising functions. Eight of the paintings have been reproduced as high quality lithographic prints by Scott Four Colour Print, who won a Printing Industry Craftman’s Award for their reproduction in 1990.


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