Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Peter Eckersley


Agroforestry, Farming systems, Eucalyptus globulus, Agricultural economics, Western Australia, Bunbury

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Revegetation with tasmanian bluegums in wide-spaced timberbelts appears to offer high returns, especially in areas where high winds cause crop and stock losses and where land can be saved from salinity and wwaterlogging.

In the South Coast and South-WestRegions, timberbelts will complement existing enterprises and so optimise overall land use. Graziers should be able to maintaine their stock numbers while creating an on-farm superannuation package.

The Department of Conservation and Land Management has been a major player in the development of bluegum timberbelts, but a few farmers are now adapting this concept to better suit their needs. Initial results are exciting, but alternative designs could be even more profitable.