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This survey was concducted at the request of Colonial Sugar Refineries as a co-operative effort involving the West Australian State Government Departments of Agriculture and Lands and Surveys. C.S.R. are investigating the feasibility of sugar cane production in the Ord River Project Irrigation Area. Part of the project could involve cane production on currently undeveloped sandy soils held under pastoral lease. The object of developing sandy soils is twofold:- i) the sandy soils will require overhead irrigation and it will be possible to mix industrial wastes with the irrigation waters for disposal; ( ii) sandy soils should be trafficable sooner after wet season rains than already developed black clay soils. Consequently, wet season harvesting of sugar cane should be possible on sandy soils; this could extend the period of processing plant operation.

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Ivanhoe Plain (WA), Kunnurra region (W.A), Land capbilty, Western Australia, Sandy soils


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