Research proposal : drainage of irrigated pastures

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Saltland surveys in the early 1970's of the Harvey and Collie irrigation areas showed that the areas of salt affected soil were 490 ha and 340 ha respectively. Most of these soils were obviously salt affected and used for dryland and early germination pastures (George and Calder (1974) and George andClarke (1975) unpublished internal reports, file 53/70). The saline soils are generally heavy grey clays of the Wellesley series and heavy phases and swamp complexes of the Boyanup series (Bettenay et al 1960). Bore monitoring programmes in the Harvey and the Waterloo areas (George, unpublished data) shows that the saline soils are on groundwater discharge areas.These are most likely natural discharge areas but irrigation and land-use changes in recharge areas have possibly expanded them. Irrigation of groundwater discharge areas causes waterlogging and salinity problems (Macumber, 1978).


Pastures, Drainage, Saline Soils, Irrigated Pastures

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