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The National Land and Water Resource Audit (NLWRA), has identified Dryland Salinity as one of seven major themes for an audit of the nation’s land, water, vegetation and natural resource management. Within this theme, Project 3 has been developed to investigate a key catchment type and how management scenarios will impact on dryland salinity processes. The Lake Warden catchments have been chosen as one of four catchment water balance studies to be undertaken nationally. The catchment water balance analysis will be undertaken using numerical modelling by the CSIRO, Division of Land and Water.

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Hydrogeology, Geology, Bandy Creek (WA), Catchment hydrology, Soil, Groundwater, Lake Warden Catchment (WA), Esperance region (WA), Salinity, Coramup Creek (WA), Hydrology, Watersheds, Western Australia, Neridup Creek (WA), Western Lakes (WA)