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Using the Rapid Catchment Appraisal process, this report summarises current information for the Lort and Young Rivers Catchment, 75 kilometres west of Esperance in Western Australia. The Rapid Catchment Appraisal (RCA) process is one of the processes included in the strategy to tackle salinity and its management in Western Australia. The RCA process provides a 'snap shot' of information on the risk and impact to agricultural production and natural resources within regional geographic catchments.

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Landscape, Geology, Land management, Young River Catchment (WA), Wetlands, Farming systems, Soil, Climate, Salinity, Rapid methods, Esperance region (WA), Agriculture, Waterways, Lort River Catchment (WA), Groundwater recharge, Hydrogeology, Watershed management, Land use, Vegetation, Western Australia