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This report covers the North Jerramungup Fitzgerald zone, an amalgamation of the smaller sub-catchments of Jacup, Fitzgerald, Mallee Road and part of Hamersley River, North West Jerramungup, North Jerramungup and North Needilup in Western Australia. This report primarily focuses on the agricultural and natural resources at risk within the study area and attempts to identify options to manage the potential risks.

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Climate, Salinity, Vegetation, Rapid methods, Fitzgerald River region (WA), North Jerramungup region (WA), Mallee Road Sub Catchment (WA), Agriculture, Western Australia, Waterlogging, Waterways, North Fitzgerald Sub Catchment (WA), Jerramungup region (WA), Land management, Hydrogeology, Landscape, Groundwater recharge, Watershed management, Fitzgerald region (WA), Fitzgerald Sub Catchment (WA), Wetlands, Soil, Farming systems, Land use, Natural resources, Geology


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