D G. Cummins

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This report summarises current information on risks and impacts to agricultural production and natural resources within the Lower Yilgarn Catchment. It also identifies suitable options to manage such risks. The report has been divided into three sections : the natural resource base, the catchment risks and management options and impacts. Rapid Catchment Appraisal aims to document salinity risk and management options by addressing all threats to the natural resource base.

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Geology, Land management, Land use, Yilgarn River (WA), Water table, Trayning region (WA), Salinity, Groundwater, Lower Yilgarn Catchment (WA), Erosion, Agriculture, Water repellent soils, Watersheds, Western Australia, Waterlogging, Beacon region (WA), Merredin region (WA), Water management, Yilgarn catchment (WA), Kellerberrin region (WA), Soil degradation, Bencubbin region (WA), Watershed management, Hydrogeology, Soil, Climate


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