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A groundwater investigation was initiated in the Buntine-Marchagee Natural Diversity Recovery Catchment 200 kms north-east of Perth, Western Australia in 2002. The investigation aimed to install a regional groundwater monitoring network and characterise the regolith throughout the catchment. Drill site selection was based on establishing a series of transects to enable construction of hydrogeological cross-sections to enhance conceptual understanding of the catchment.

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Hydrology, Buntine region (WA), Wubin region (WA), Perenjori (WA Shire), Dalwallinu (WA Shire), Hydrogeology, Geology, Groundwater, Western Australia, Buntine-Marchagee (WA), Buntine-Marchagee Catchment (WA), Drainage, Coorow (WA Shire), Buntine-West Wubin (WA), Moora (WA Shire), Salinity, Modelling


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Appendix 2. Buntine-Marchagee recovery catchnent showing drill site locations