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Soil degradation on farmland reduces agricultural production and will often lead to damage to natural resources such as remnant vegetation and waterways, as well as to infrastructure, including roads and townsites. This report provides current information on the land degradation status for the Upper Yilgarn Catchment area in Western Australia by outlining: condition of the soils, hydrology, natural vegetation, farming systems and agricultural production and risks to natural resources.

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Salinity, Westonia region (WA), Westonia (WA), Upper Yilgarn Catchment (WA), Remnant vegetation, Groundwater, Nungarin (WA Shire), Mt. Marshall (WA Shire), Watersheds, Western Australia, Nungarin region (WA), Westonia (WA Shire), Mukinbudin (WA), Waterways, Watershed management, Risk assessment, Mukinbudin region (WA), Trayning (WA Shire), Southern Cross (WA), Mukinbudin (WA Shire), Hydrogeology, Soil, Soil degradation, Merredin (WA Shire)


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