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Annual run-off likely to occur was calculated for farm-scale catchments within the 500-825 millimetre rainfall zone of the South West Catchment Council [Western Australia] area. When compared with historical flow measurements, this method was found to be accurate (or conservative) in 85% of all measured years, indicating its usefulness for predicting reliable annual flows.

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Wandering (WA Shire), Water supply, Boyup Brook (WA Shire), Runoff, Harvey (WA Shire), Cranbrook (WA Shire), Bridgetown region (WA), Boddington (WA Shire), Water harvesting, Modelling, Kojonup (WA Shire), Western Australia, Collie (WA Shire), Boddington region (WA), Manjimup (WA Shire), Williams (WA Shire), Donnybrook - Balingup (WA Shire), South west region (WA), Bridgetown - Greenbushes (WA Shire), Boyup Brook region (WA), West Arthur (WA Shire)