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Soil Fertility - Grain Lupins 75A4, 75BA6, 75E4, 75GE9, 75JE9, 75MT6, 75N028, 75WH9. Long Term. Rotation Trials W56H, 66M29, 67Cl3, 67N4, 68E5, 68SG5, 69GE20, 73SG16. Soil Fertility - Grain Lupins Use of the stage 4 lupin variety trials to assess the effect of a year of sweet grain lupins on a following cereal crop was continued. The 1974 variety trials contained a number of lupin varieties randomised with two standard wheat varieties. Also at two times of planting. Eight trials were selected: 74GE26 at Morawa, 74BA7 at Badgingarra, 74WH8 at Wongan Hills, 74N08 at Bolgart, 74A8 at Beverley, 74MT8 at Mount Barker, 74JE9 at Gairdner River, 74E8 at Gibson. The 1974 plots in these trials were sown to Gamenya wheat in 1975 (except for 74MT8, Swan oats used to prevent "take-all" complication). - 75GE9, 75A4, 75BA6, 75E4, 75GE9, 75JE9, 75MT6, 75N028, 75WH9.

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