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This report summarises progress and data available for the following investigations. 1. Fallow Re-assessment - 72M29. 2. Soil Physical Data Accumulation. (a) Evaluation of methods of bulk density measurement. (b) Water holding capacities and mechanical analyses of wheatbelt soils. (c) Water holding capacities of metropolitan sands. TABLE 3 Water holding capacities (1/10 - 15 Atmosphere water contents) of metropolitan sands (mm of water). Bulk density of 1.6 assumed. 1. Medina Research Station. 2. Morley White Sand. 3. Karrakatta Sand. 4. Bassendean Sand. 5. South Perth Lawn. 6. South Perth Scrub. 7. Underwood Avenue Research Station. 8. Floreat Park Sand. 9. Tuart Sand. Highest values were obtained at the Medina and Underwood Avenue Research stations. Generalised recommendations can be aimed at the 15 to 22 mm range of water storage to 60 cm depths. Water storage to 60 cm soil depth can be as low as 10mm.

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