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The Effect of Septoria nodorum on Yield of 125 Wheat Cultivars. The aim of this experiment was as described for that of 1976. There were some modifications to the treatments which were as follows: (a) Most of the cultivars were 'new' and (b) Three levels of Septoria attack were set up:- 1. Low: cover sprayed throughout the season with the fungicide Difolatan. 2. Moderate: inoculated with Septoria three times, followed at heading out by cover spraying with Difolatan. 3. Severe: inoculated four times no fungicide. The 125 entries were sown as hill plots with the three Septoria environments as main plots in a split-plot design. There were four replications and the experiment was sown at two sites - South Perth and Badgingarra. The Effect of Difolatan Sprays on Yield of Gamenya and Egret. This experiment examined the feasibility of economic control of Septoria using Difolatan applied:- (a) At growth stage 8-9 (Feeke's scale). (b) At 9-10. (c) At both stages.

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