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Grains and field crops


Trials in progress - 68MO23, 70ME2, 71LG17, 71WH13, 76M5. Seasonal conditions. Grazing trials - 68MO23, 70ME2, 71LG17, 71WH13, 75N18, 76M5 - Mini-ley, Merredin. Legume species grazing management trial (West Moora) - 68M023. Comparison of production from Cyprus barrel medic and volunteer pasture (Lake Grace) - 71LG17. Comparison of production from Tornafield medic, serradella and subterranean clover (Wongan Hills Research Station) - 71WH13. Comparison of Geraldton and Northam subterranean clover (Walgoolan) - 70ME2. Early maturing subterranean clover grazing trial (Merredin Research Station) - 75M5. Small plot trials: Early maturing subterranean clovers Subterranean clover trials - southern wheatbelt - 75LG21, 75LG23, 76N16, 76N17, 76N18, 77N22, 77N23, 77N24, Medic trials - evaluation of Murrayland medic (West Moora) - 75MO25, Medic trials - evaluation of T. subterraneum subf. brachycalycinum and annual medics (Salmon Gums) - 75ES23. 1977 Series. The location of trials sown in 1977 and brief indicationsof surface soil and climate are shown below: Trial No. 77GE32, 77GE40, 77GE41, 77LG21, 77ME21, 77ME22, 77ME23, 77MO21, 77MO22, 77NA29, 77NO24, 77TS25.

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