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Grains and field crops


Field crops experiments resistance of lupins to Phomopsis leptostromiformis. (P.McR. Wood, Plant Research Division, J. Hamblin, Plant Production Division). Stage 1-2 Plant Breeders' Plots. Phomopsis infection of 96 entries (replicated) was assessed just prior to harvest at seven sites - Chapman Valley Research Station (CVRS), Badgingarra Research Station (BRS), Wongan Hills Research Station (WHRS), Avondale Research Station (ARS), Mount Barker Research Station (MBRS), Esperance Downs Research Station (EDRS) and on a farmer's property at Eradu. At four sites, CVRS, Eradu, MBRS and EDRS, only very low levels of infection were apparent. At the other three sites, the currently available varieties rarely had lower infection figures than average, and commonly had higher Phomopsis levels (see table 1). Table 1: Overall level of Phomopsis for best genotypes and currently available varieties. Table 2: The effect of fungicides on Phomopsis and leaf pathogens. Table 3: The effect of slashing on Phomopsis levels.

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