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Contents: 1. Wheat Potential Yield Trials. 80BA4 - Cooperative project with R.N. Weir. 80KA7, 8OWH8 D. Tennant and A.G.P. Brown. Detailed summary issued as a separate report. 2. Yield Analysis of Historically Important Wheats 80WH6, 80M4*, 80C2, 80N4* 80WH7, 80M5*, 80A3, 80SG20. 3. Cereal Seeding Rates for the Eastern Wheatbelt. 80ME5*, 80M6*. 4. Intensive Wheat Production Trials (Seeding Rates x Cycocel x Nitrogen xSeptoria Control) 80M038, 80N042, 80MT4, 80N041, 80KA34. 5. Alternative Crop Trials - High Rainfall 80MA7, 80MA8. 6. Regenerating sandplain Lupin Rotation Trials 79GE38/SOGE12 , 79GE42/80GE13. 7. Miscellaneous Trials i) Early Seeding of Late Maturing Varieties - 80MT5. ii) Planting Machinery Systems Trial - 80WH51. iii) Time of Seeding x Cereal varieties at Darkan - 80NA33. iv) Cycocel on Wheat - Take all situations - 80LG30. * Results are unavailable for the following trials: i) Yield Analysis of Historically Important Wheats - 80M4, 80M5, 80N4, 80N5 - All droughted and unharvestable. ii) Site Preparation for 1981 Cropping - 80BA42, 80WH59 - No 1980 Results. iii) Grass Control in Legume-Grass Pastures. 80AB1, 80AB2, 80M040, 80M041 - Results reported by Mr C.W. Thorn. iv) Cereal Seeding Rates - Eastern Wheatbelt - 80ME5, 80M6 - Droughted, not harvested. v) Sugar Beet Pilot Trials - 80A66, 80MT40 - Failed. 80D5, 8OMA - Trials in progress, no results to date. Yield analysis of historically significant wheats - 80WH6, 80WH7, 80C2 , 80A3, 80SG20. Aim : Detail: To study the changes in adaptation and yield potential which have occurred in response to wheat breeding in Western Australia.

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