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CONTENTS A. SULPHUR 1. Sources, rates, time of application of sulphur to legume pastures (high rainfall) - 80AL1, 80AL4, 80MA1, 80KE1. 2. Sulphur soil test on pastures (high rainfall) - 80AL12, 80AL13, 80AL14, 80BY2, 80KE2. 3. Sulphur rundown on sulphur absorbing soils of the high rainfall areas - 80BY1. 4. Sulphur requirements of pasture in low rainfall areas - 80JE17, 80M020. 5. Residual value of 1979 applied sulphur. Rates of fine gypsum applied 1980 - 79AL2, 79AL18, 79AL22, 79AL23, 79AL25, 79AL41, 78BA8 B, 79BY3, 79BY4, 79HA2, 79KE3, 79KE7, 79M020. 6. Sulphur requirements of wheat - 80JE16, 80M09. B. PHOSPHORUS 7. Sources, rates, time of application of phosphorus to legume pastures - 80AL2, 80AL5, 80AL15, 80MA2. C. POTASSIUM 8. Sources, rates, time of application of potassium to legume pastures - 80AL3, 80AL6, 80MA3. D. SLOW RELEASE P,S,K FERTILIZERS - 1979 TRIALS 9. Phosphorus sulphur and potassium slow release fertilizers on pastures 1980 results - 79AL1, 79KE2, 79MA2. E. APPENDIX P.R.D./Albany Regional Office PKS collaborative trials, sulphur results. (sulphur soil test on pastures) - 80AL44, 80AL46, 80AL47, 80AL72.

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