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1, Clover viruses - 81HA6, 81MA9, 81BR14, 81BY12, 81BH5, 81AL38, 81ES39 OBJECTIVES: To determine the extent of the 'Dinninup virus' problem (sub. clover mottle). To further assess the incidence of red leaf virus to determine the incidence of bean yellow mosaic virus. To note the incidence of sub. clover stunt virus. A. BYDV: Survey of incidence - 81BU1, 81BU2, 81BR11, 81BR12, 81MA6, 81MA7, 81AL31, 81AL32, 81JE14, 81JE15, 81KA21, 81KA22, 81NA28, 81N031, 81ES38, 81E26. 2. Barley yellow dwarf virus. BYDV: Genotype x insecticide studies - 81MN14, 81MT29, 81E28, 81MN14. BYDV: differences amongst barley genotypes - 81C19, 81WH31, 81BA30. BYDV: Resistance and yield in CV.Shannon and CV. Proctor - 871BR13, 81MA8, 81AL36, 81JE17 Yield per plot and 100 seed weight - Albany 81AL36 Infection of BYDV in cereal genotypes at Manjimup ( 81MN13).

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