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I. Sources of Phosphate Trials. Cropping Trials: (80BA6) - Deep sand, Badgingarra, Lupins. (77WH2) - Gravel, old land, WHRS, Wheat. (76WH9) - WLS, new land, WHRS, Wheat (1982). (76WH10) - WLS, young land, WHRS Wheat (1982). (77MT2) - Loamy gravel, old land, Mount Barker Oats. Pasture trials: (77MT1) - Loamy gravel, new land, Mount Barker. (77E1) - Sandy gravel, new land, Esperance. (77E4) – [78E4?] Sandy gravel, old land, Esperance. II. Miscellaneous Trials Long term trials. 66M30 - Super x stocking rate at Merredin. 48M/149 EX - Residual super trial at Merredin. 65A1, 65C5 and 69WH15 - Maintenance P x S trials. 75LG26 - Continuous cropping with super on heavy land. 81NO44 - Testing mineral fertilizer mixes. 78BA7 - Residual value of phosphorus, Badgingarra. Short term trials: 82BA2 - Tillage and placement of phosphorus on wheat and lupin. 82NO5 - Super x seed x defoliation x variety of sub clover. 82WH35 and 83WH31 - Deep ripping and nitrogen on wheat . 82WH2, 76WH9 and 81ME53 - Residual effects of ripping and compaction. 83WH10 - N and P on root growth of wheat and clover. 83BU1, 3 and 4 - Cultivation and soil phosphorus status. 83PE54 and 55 - Nutrient omission trials. 83PE35 - Pasture production at Wooroloo. 83LG62 - Rate of P on wheat. Soil test and reactive iron. 83NO3 - Rate of P on old land lupins.

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