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Grains and field crops


I Sources of phosphorus work. Pasture trials - 77MT1 - New land (1977) continuous pasture trial, gravel. 80BA6 - Ley 1984. Serradella weeds and lupin regrowth, sand. 84N069 - New land (1984) pasture, gravel. Crop trials - 76WH9 - New land (1976) run down on one dressing of P W.L.S. 76WH10 - Young land Topdressed annually, biennially and once off. 76WH14 - Old land Topdressed anually and biennially. 76N4 - New land (1976) Topdressed annually biennially and once off, gravel. 84M63 - New land (1984) Once off dressing. Trials not sampled - 77WH2 - Old land Sources trial 77MT2 - Old land Sources trial II Miscellaneous trials. Maintenance P x S trials 65C5 and 65A1. Residual value of Phosphorus 78BA7. Grazing trial, Wooroloo 83PE35. Cultivation of Phosphorus availability 83BU1, 3 and 4 84MT7. Rates and times of nitrogen 84WH45. Ripping Trials - Residual effects 82WH2, 35 83WH28 and 31. Coarse organic matter for nitrogen: second crop effects 82N041, N17 and LG5.

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