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Grains and field crops


For the first time a laboratory for conducting this type of research has been established in South Perth, and it has been possible to type plants from mature leaf material. This obviates the necessity of waiting for plants to seed to be able to identify them. A total of six new collections were identified as belonging to either the broad-leaf or narrow-leaf forms, the locations for which are given in Table l.l..

Seed viability. To determine the amounts, viability and dormancy status of seeds produced by field-grown plants during summer and autumn months. Time course of seed production by field-grown skeleton weed plants during 1983/84 - North Miling, Moorine Rock, Merredin, Narembeen. Germination under simulated rainfall conditions. In a pot experiment, both surface-sown and buried (1 cm) seeds were exposed to different total amounts of simulated rainfall then protected from drying for periods of 24, 48 or 72 hours. Following this, pots were placed outside under conditions of high evaporative demand until totally dry. Seed populations were then retrieved and their fates determined. Summer rainfall characteristics for various sites in the western Australian wheatbelt. To characterize the patterns of summer rainfall and to link these with experimental measurements of germination response to simulated rainfall, in order to predict the probabilities of seed pool depletion in different sites.

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